Sentencing Forthcoming in Toledo Asbestos Dumping Case

Sentencing for a Toledo, Ohio man who pleaded guilty to dumping bags of hazardous friable asbestos throughout the city will occur at the end of November, reports an article in The Toledo Blade.

Last week, John J. Mayer, age 52, admitted his guilt in a federal courtroom, confirming that he instructed his co-defendant, Timothy Bayes, to drive around the city and dump a total of 82 trash bags at various locations around Toledo. The bags were later located at three different sites in East and North Toledo and eventually linked to Mayer and a renovation/demolition operation he was conducting.

Specifically, Mayer was charged with and pled guilty to a four-count indictment that alleged he violated the federal Clean Air Act and disregarded rules involving the removal and disposal of asbestos-containing material. The incident occurred in 2010.

Mayer told the court that he did not notify local, state, or federal authorities before removing asbestos materials from the site in question, nor did he use proper methods for removal, which includes wetting the material before attempting abatement.

In addition to the illegal removal and disposal of the materials, Mayer also failed to hire personnel that are trained in the handling of the toxic material. That means those individuals most likely suffered asbestos exposure while on the job and could eventually develop asbestos-related diseases such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, or other lung ailments.

Co-defendant Bayes also pleaded guilty earlier this month to illegal disposal of asbestos materials, noting that he was hired by Mayer to find creative ways to disperse the debris in locations where it might not be detected. Bayes is to be sentenced about a week before Mayer, on November 18, 2013. Both men face fines and possible prison sentences for their violations.

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