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The costs of mesothelioma can be overwhelming. They can include income loss, expensive treatments that may not be covered by health insurance, plus pain and suffering for you and for your family. Because the disease is preventable – and because it is usually caused by someone else’s negligence – legal options may be available to help regain these costs. Asbestos lawyers focus their practice on knowledgeably and effectively bringing to justice companies that exposed employees and the public to asbestos products. A mesothelioma attorney can help you consider your options and file a claim against the company responsible for your asbestos-related illness. More than one company may be responsible. A mesothelioma attorney identifies all companies at fault. Mesothelioma lawsuits have helped thousands of people receive financial assistance. A lawsuit can result in much-needed money to help reduce financial hardships during an illness and can also provide a more stable future for your loved ones. A lawyer specializing in asbestos litigation can help you seek compensation for expenses related to illness caused by asbestos exposure.

New Study Finds A Potential New Mesothelioma Gene-targeting Drug

A study for a new drug called HRX9 shows it can stop tumor growth and trigger cell death in mesothelioma—for the first time ever. […]

Staunton Courthouse Reopens Post Asbestos Removal

The Staunton Courthouse has reopened, but asbestos abatement on the third floor still needs to be completed. […]

FDA Grants AstraZeneca’s Tremelimumab Orphan Drug Status for Mesothelioma

AstraZeneca’s tremelimumab (anti-CTLA-4 monoclonal antibody) has received Orphan Drug status from the FDA for treating malignant mesothelioma. […]

Asbestos Discovered in New York City’s Mayoral Residence

Asbestos was found in the roof of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s residence at Gracie Mansion and will undergo abatement for $250,000. […]

Researchers Find Potential New Target for Mesothelioma Treatment

A group of researchers at NYU are focusing on the presence of Eprin B2 in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma […]

Maryland Court Overturns Asbestos Verdict

The case involved Georgia-Pacific Corporation and the effects of secondhand asbestos exposure. […]

Penn Student Studies Asbestos Risk in Philly-area Town

The senior biology major is doing an in-depth study of the health risks that began when an asbestos factory moved to Ambler in the late 19th century. […]