Asbestos Discovery Delays Work on Creekside Project for Up to 120 Days

An asbestos-containing substance was discovered at the construction site of the America the Beautiful Creekside Project, which will add trails, boulders, logs, boardwalks, and play areas near the America the Beautiful Park. The asbestos find will delay the project for up to 120 days.

While grading along Monument Creek, “[Colorado Springs Utilities] personnel encountered historical undocumented artificial fill material, which included potential asbestos-containing floor tiles adhered to concrete rubble,” said Utilities spokeswoman Patrice Lehermeier. The tiles were concentrated 10’ underground in an area approximately 75 sq. ft. in size.

Lehemeier also said that the material was determined to be non-friable – a less dangerous form of asbestos – and that steps had been taken “to stabilize the site for the protection of human health and the environment, [including] the removal of visible potential asbestos-containing materials from the surface of the excavated areas and the on-site stockpile.”

Friable asbestos can be easily broken apart, producing a toxic dust. If the airborne asbestos fibers are inhaled, a number of respiratory health problems can occur, including asbestosis and mesothelioma. The handling of asbestos must always be done by trained professionals. In this case, the city hired an environmental consultant to ensure that all regulatory requirements were followed during the process.

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